Weekly Eats #1

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Day 1: Porridge. almonds, raisins, almond milk. Wholemeal toast, almond butter. Chicken salad. Vanilla protein with chocolate soy milk. Spinach omelette. Day 2: Porridge. almonds, raisins, almond milk. Toast, almond butter. Tuna, sweet potato, feta, salad. Gala apple, almond butter. Chicken egg scramble. Day 3: Porridge, banana, almonds, soy milk. Carrot sticks, houmous. Chicken salad. Oat cakes, almond butter, banana. Spinach egg scramble. Day 4: Porridge, banana, raisins, protein powder, soy milk. Nakd bar. Chicken salad. Spinach omelette, banana & almond butter. Chocolate protein shake. Day 5: Porridge, banana, raisins, protein powder. Almonds. Toast, tuna, spinach, tomatoes, feta. Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries. Tuna, sweet potato, salad.

From now on, I’m going to post photos of what I eat each day for a week partly to keep myself on track with my clean eating, but also to give you ideas for healthy meals. As you can see from the pictures above, I am a creature of habit- I have no problem eating porridge for breakfast everyday, I absolutely love porridge. Others may find this boring and repetitive, but it works for me.

I eat five meals each day, three main meals and two snacks. This means I eat every two-three hours which keeps my blood sugars stable and helps to increase my metabolism. The chocolate milkshake looking drink is actually vanilla whey protein powder with Alpro chocolate soy milk, which I have after my strength workouts. I only managed to go to the gym three times this week, but I will be increasing this to four days a week from next week.

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