• Weekly Eats #2
  • Weekly Eats #2

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    I’m back with another visual food diary of what I eat in a week. I’m calling this series “Weekly Eats” and I’m sharing my meals partly to keep myself on track with my healthy eating, but also to give you ideas for healthy meals and meal planning.

    This was my first week attempting to eat a modified version of Paleo. I say modified because I will still eat yogurt, almond and soy milk as well as a little feta cheese and none of these are allowed on a true Paleo menu (I say menu because I hate the word diet).

    However, I didn’t do so well and caved in to eating wholemeal toast on 3 days. This was because towards the end of the week I did struggle with the idea of not having carbs. Although I was getting my carbs from fruit and vegetables, I have been brought up to believe that the main sources of carbohydrates are things like potatoes, bread, pasta and rice. I found it hard to try and change my mentality in one week and kept thinking ‘I can’t believe I’m not eating carbs’. This week wasn’t smooth sailing, but I’m ready to start a new week!

    The Visual Food Diary

    Weekly Eats Visual Food Diary

    The Meal Plan

    Day One: Spinach omelette with two eggs and one egg white, chopped cherry tomatoes. Chicken salad. Almonds. Huge tuna salad.

    Day Two: Spinach scramble, salsa. Chicken salad. Turkey slices, gem lettuce, guacamole. Salmon, asparagus, balsamic vinegar.

    Day Three: Scrambled egg, spring onion, wholemeal toast. Chicken salad. Graze pistachios. Salmon, asparagus, balsamic vinegar.

    Day Four: Scrambled egg, wholemeal toast. Salmon salad. Greek yogurt, strawberries, honey. Chicken, asparagus, balsamic vinegar.

    Day Five: Scrambled egg, wholemeal toast, spring onion. Tuna salad. Greek yogurt, blueberries, honey. Chicken, roasted vegetables.

    That was my first week of eating modified Paleo! Let me know in the comments below what you think of this visual food diary.

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