Weekly Eats #4

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Day 1: Porridge, peanut butter. Nutty Rice Waitrose salad. Toast, almond butter. Chocolate protein shake, almond butter. Salmon, brown rice, broccoli. Day 2: Porridge, peanut butter. Chicken salad. Danone super thick greek raspberry yogurt. Chocolate protein shake. Chicken breast, asparagus, kale. Day 3: Ham, scrambled egg, spring onion. Chicken salad. Nakd cocoa orange bar. Mini chocolate muffin. Salmon, mediterranean roasted veg, curly kale. Day 4: Weetabix. Turkey breast slices, salad. Carrot sticks, reduced fat houmous. Chocolate protein shake, almond butter. Curly kale egg white omelette. Day 5: Green smoothie. Orange. Sweet jacket potato, tuna, greek yogurt. Chocolate protein shake. Curly kale omelette, turkey bacon, tomato salsa.

After deciding to stop trying to eat so little carbs, I went a little totally carb crazy on Monday! And almond butter/peanut butter crazy too, it seems. I managed to reign myself in on Tuesday and had a good day food wise. Then Wednesday came and my willpower slipped at work- I caved in and had a chocolate mini muffin. With the way the rest of my week went though, it actually turned out fine as I was good the rest of the week! I managed to resist two cakes on Monday!

My office have started a bake-off, so every Monday two people will bring in cakes they’ve baked and everyone else has to try the cake and rate it out of 5. The person who wins will go on to the next round. I’ve chosen not to be part of the bake-off club though as 1) I really don’t need an excuse to eat two cakes every week and 2) I’m not a great baker so probably wouldn’t make it past the first round! I have to say I’m pretty happy with how this week went, AND I managed to get my butt to the gym four times this week like I planned to, despite really not wanting to go and almost not making it on two occasions. Yayy me! How has your week been?

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