About Cantara

Welcome to 'Simply Cantara' - a UK healthy lifestyle blog. I'll be sharing my journey to a fitter, healthier me, as well as tips to increase your productivity and simplify your lifestyle

Hi, I’m Cantara, a twenty-something with a penchant for peppermint teas, cats and monochrome outfits. I live in London with my husband Michael and we’re excitedly expecting our first baby!

I started this blog as ‘Gymbags and Gladrags’. It gave me a way to share my fitness journey and keep me accountable as I tried to lose weight. I chose a made-up name as a way of keeping my hobby blog a secret from anyone I knew in real life. Since then, I’ve grown older, discovered I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and as a result, my attitude to losing weight has changed slightly. I also wanted to expand the range of topics I wrote about because health and fitness is not all that I’m interested in. So now we have…   Simply Cantara.

No more made-up names to hide behind, just me, simply striving to live my best life and I’m taking you along for the ride with me. You can expect posts on mindset, goal setting and self-care as well as tips and tricks to live a healthier and simpler life. Oh, and I’ll be sharing my pregnancy diaries as Michael and I prepare to become first-time parents in February 2020! I hope you’ll enjoy reading this little blog of mine.

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