Weekly Eats #3

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Day 1: Porridge, banana, almonds. Falafel wrap, avocado. Carrot sticks, houmous. Turkey bacon salad, avocado. Chocolate protein shake. Day 2: Porridge, banana, almonds. Falafel and salad. Chocolate chip Clif bar. Cod, steamed broccoli, balsamic vinegar. Graze box almonds. Day 3: Porridge, banana, almonds. Chicken salad. Spinach falafels. Chicken, steamed kale, roasted vegetables. Chocolate protein shake. Day 4: Porridge, almonds, honey. Chicken salad. Almonds, raisins. Chicken, steamed broccoli, balsamic vinegar. Chocolate protein shake. Day 5: Poached egg, turkey bacon, tomato salsa. Turkey salad. Total 0% fat strawberry greek yogurt. Chicken, cous cous, salad. Banana.

This week, there wasn’t a single day that I ate on plan, simply because I hadn’t planned. I didn’t go food shopping when I should have, so had to resort to quick fixes and food from others at some points during the week. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t eat unhealthily. I didn’t eat McDonald’s or cake or anything, but I am trying to get stricter with what I eat and I still haven’t managed to achieve that yet. I am setting high standards for myself and it is a challenge. I always ate porridge for breakfast, but as I want to give up grains/carbs, I can’t eat that anymore. However, this week I haven’t been sleeping well and so haven’t been able to make time in the mornings to cook eggs for breakfast. So I resorted to having porridge. It was better for me to do that than to either skip breakfast, or eat toast when I got in to the office each day.

What I ate this week is healthy and great for anyone looking to improve their diet, so I hope this post will help some of you.

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