10 Stylish Lunch Boxes for Adults

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The day I found out I could have packed lunches in Primary School instead of school meals, I was so excited. The news meant yummy meals that I could have a say in (or at least try to convince my Mum to buy more Fruit Winders which, btw taste awful now!) but most importantly, it meant a new lunch box! From Disney Princesses to The Rugrats I was spoilt for choice. I still love lunch boxes to this day but instead I opt for more grown up, stylish lunch boxes for adults.

As I work full time, a lunch box is essential for me to be able to eat healthily. Buying a lunch everyday is expensive and I don’t always know the ingredients used, or something may be too high in salt or sugar. Cooking my own meals keep my costs down and means I am in control of what goes into my food. Having a lunch box means that I can prepare food ahead and take my lunch to work.

Not only does a lunch box need to look good so that I am not embarrassed to have it on my desk at work, but it needs to be practical too. I can’t be having spillages whilst it is in my bag on my way to work. It needs to be tight, secure and well sealed.

Here is my selection of 10 stylish lunch boxes just for us grown ups!


1. Black + Blum Aluminium Lunch Box Bamboo/Silver (Similar) | 2. Frozzypack Lunch Box with intergrated cooling lid | 3. Black + Blum Box Appetit, Lime | 4. Rosti Mepal Take A Break Lunchbox | 5. Monbento Original Bento Box | 6. ‘YAY Lunch’ Happy Jackson Lunch Box | 7. Joseph Joseph Nest of Four Containers | 8. Lock n Lock Square Container (similar) | 9. Aladdin Bento Lunchbox | 10. LunchBots Trio Stainless Steel Lunchbox


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