It’s my birthday! 26 Facts About Me

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Today is a special day for me, as it is my birthday! I’ve always loved birthdays, when I was younger my Mum would throw the best at-home birthday parties where all the kids in my class at Primary School would come round and we’d play games for hours, feast on classic kid’s party food and even be entertained by clowns and magicians. My Mum would go all out on the prizes and goody bags, making sure that no one went home empty-handed. As I got older the excitement I felt around my birthday didn’t disappear, I’ve even been known to do month long countdowns in the past. This year though, my birthday crept up on me. No countdown, no build up, no real excitement. Today I’ve turned 26. It’s official, I’m the wrong side of 25 – wahhh.

Not to be all doom and gloom about my birthday, I am currently celebrating in Rome with my boyfriend Michael. Turning 26 isn’t too bad after all! In celebration of my birthday and in an effort to get to know each other better, I’ve decided to share 26 facts about me that you may not know. Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. I was born and raised in London, I moved to Hertfordshire for Uni then worked there for a few years and now I’m back in London. Home, sweet home!
  2. I have three older brothers. You wouldn’t know by looking at us though, as we are half-brothers and sisters and we don’t look alike.
  3. I would like 3 children one day. I’d really like to adopt one child, my boyfriend’s not so convinced on adoption yet so I need to work on that!
  4. I’m half Ghanaian and half English. I went to Ghana for the first time in April this year and I met my Dad’s family and saw where he was brought up for the first time. It was incredible.
  5. My current favourite TV shows (in no particular order) are: Grand Designs, Arrow, Flash, Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones, Scandal, The Good Wife, First Dates, Gogglebox and The Big Bang Theory.
  6. I also have to declare my love for these past shows: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Prison Break, The OC, 90210 and of course Friends, always Friends.
  7. I was a non-identical twin, but sadly my Mum miscarried my twin so we never got to meet him or her. I guess I’m super lucky to be here!
  8. I’ve never bunked off School, sure I’ve played up a runny nose to blag a sick day but I’ve never said I was going to School and then didn’t. I’m not really one for rule-breaking in general to be honest. Miss Goody-two-shoes over here.
  9. I have a boyfriend called Michael. We met and started dating in College aged 17, broke up in Uni but stayed friends then got back together a year later. I was always adamant we wouldn’t get back together despite everyone saying we would, then one day we both realised we were great together and we haven’t looked back since.
  10. I hate coffee, mushrooms and seafood (I love fish though).
  11. I have a great sense of direction, take me somewhere once and I can most probably find my way there again.
  12. I love the modern, white, minimalist style whether it’s interiors or fashion.
  13. Apple is life. I have an iPhone, iPad Mini, Macbook Air and iMac, oh and a vintage iPod lying around somewhere.
  14. My favourite colour changes all the time, for a long time it was blue, then purple, now it’s duck egg blue.
  15. I have a Cross tattoo on my wrist which acts as a reminder of my Faith and as a nod to my Mum who raised me as a Catholic. I want to get 5 Adinkra symbols tattooed next as a nod to my Dad and my Ghanaian roots.
  16. I graduated with a First class honours in Multimedia Design and I work full time as a Digital Designer.
  17. I’m an ambivert. I’d say I’m mostly an introvert but I can act like an extrovert in certain situations.
  18. Music is life.
  19. I’m a cat lady. We got a cat who I named Trixie when I was four and we grew up together. Sadly she’s no longer with us anymore, but I’m definitely a cat lover rather than a dog lover.
  20. I used to be a huge shopper and I now have sooo many clothes but hardly wear any of them. Now I want to clear out everything and start all over again.
  21. I get way too excited by pretty stationary, notebooks and tupperware. It’s the simple things in life, my friends.
  22. I’ve never been into sport, but I was into dance. I’ve done Ballet, Tap, Irish Dancing and Street Dance.
  23. I’m a procrastinator. Queen of Procrastination. I wish I wasn’t, it’s terrible how much time I can waste.
  24. My pet peeves are swearers and terrible eaters, you know, the mouth open, noisy types.
  25. I’d rather go out for dinner and drinks than out clubbing. A sign that I’m getting old? Probably.
  26. My top five items on my bucket list are (in no particular order): Sky dive, get married, go to Thailand, become a Mum and learn how to swim.

I hope you feel like you know me a little better now. Let me know some facts about you in the comments below so that I can get to know you a little better too. Or let me know if we have any facts in common, anyone else excited by tupperware?

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