Loving Lately #2

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My main focus in January was my Whole30 challenge, so naturally a lot of what I’ve been loving lately revolve around that. Today is officially day 30, the last day of Whole30 but now I have 10 days of reintroducing food groups one at a time to see which foods irritate me. I’ll be posting a recap of weeks 3 and 4 as well as my final results soon, but now let’s get into what I’ve been loving lately.

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclaimer for more info.


The Whole30 Book – I couldn’t have done my Whole30 without this book. It’s been my bible, my motivation, my inspiration, my rulebook and a source of tough love when I’ve needed it. If you’re thinking of doing the Whole30, I highly recommend buying this book ‘The Whole30: The Official 30-day guide to total health and food freedom‘. It will make your Whole30 journey so much easier. I also recommend It Starts with Food to learn more about why and how certain food groups can affect you and the science behind Whole30 as well as The Whole30 Cookbook for over 150 recipes so that you won’t get bored.

Spiralizer – My spiralizer has never been used as frequently as it has this past month! Having to give up rice, pasta, cous cous, quinoa, buckwheat etc for whole month, I’ve had to be more creative with my carb replacements. I’ve made so much courgetti, sweet potato noodles, carrot ribbons and sweet potato tagliatelle with this spiralizer. I really love how this has suction feet so it stays in place on your worktop and it makes light-work of cutting into harder veg like carrots and sweet potato. I’d be lost without this.

Loving Lately: What I've been loving in food, wellbeing and beauty


The Little Book of Hygge – I was bought this as my Secret Santa present along with a DIY Hygge kit consisting of a scented lavender pouch, Green & Blacks chocolate, tea lights and camomile tea. It was so thoughtful, I think it may be my favourite ever Secret Santa gift! Needless to say I’ve lit my candles, made a cuppa and got stuck into The Little Book of Hygge ever since. I just really love this concept and really want to incorporate it into my life. My word for 2017 is intentional and Hygge fits in perfectly with that. Watch this space for more Hygge inspired posts!

Neom ‘Complete Bliss’ Diffuser – I’ve wanted a Neom diffuser for ages too so I finally bought one as a Christmas present to myself. I find this scent really calming and relaxing so I keep it in my bedroom. I love lighting candles for a burst of fragrance and getting the warmth from the flame, but it’s been wonderful having that continuous scent from the diffuser filling the room. I’m such a homebody anyway but now that my flat constantly smells amazing I love being at home even more. It really is a mood booster. I’ll definitely be buying the refill when this runs out.

Zara Scarf – This is a bit random but it’s been such a lifesaver that I couldn’t not mention it. I’m not into colourful accessories so when I saw this grey and cream checked scarf from Zara I just had to have it. It’s the perfect length to wrap around your neck and completely block out the cold, or you can open it out and use it as a blanket which I’ve been doing every day at work. It’s been so cold lately but this scarf has been a lifesaver, plus it’s stylish too!

Loving Lately: The GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD and Neom 'Complete Bliss' Diffuser


GLAMGLOW Mud Masks – I’ve wanted these for the longest time after seeing so many beauty bloggers rave about them and now I finally have them I understand why! Winter has been wreaking havoc with my skin, causing my cheeks to become dryer than usual, so I’ve been using THIRSTYMUD on my cheeks and YOUTHMUD on my nose and forehead. I’m prone to blackheads on my nose but I’ve really noticed a difference since using this. I was worried about how small the jars are, but they are lasting a lot longer than I expected!

So that’s what I’ve been loving this month. I’d love to hear what you’ve been loving lately, what were your monthly favourites for January? Have you seen any good films, made any good recipes, bought anything lately? Let us know in the comments so we can add them to our wish lists!

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