2015: New Year Goals

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Happy New Year to you lovelies! I hope you all had a great time celebrating. This year I stayed in for the first time in a long time. It was lovely not having to face the cold or crowds of people or the struggles of getting home (gosh I sound like a granny!). 2014 was a year of ups and downs for me, I got to go on two amazing blog trips abroad and worked with some great brands, but I lost my Nan and lost a handle on my eating as a result, leaving me heavier and flabbier than ever. I’m ready now to finally look after myself properly and make this blog a better place for you guys! Below are the New Year goals I’m setting myself, if you’ve set goals, leave them below in the comments and let’s motivate each other to stick to them!

My Body

My overall goal is to lose weight and tone up this year. I would like to lose around 28 pounds and 10% body fat, although these are just rough numbers, they may increase or decrease depending how I look and feel. To achieve this big goal, I am going to focus on the following:

Complete TrainEatGain’s Cutting Challenge – I tweeted and Instagrammed about this challenge. It is a free 6 month training and nutrition programme provided by TrainEatGain.com, each month you get a tailored plan to keep you from being bored and your body guessing. I read about the challenge on Twitter and after struggling to ever really get off the ground with the Body Coach’s 90 Day SSS Plan, I decided to sign up. Here goes!

Track my workouts and push myself each week – I’ve bought myself a pretty fitness diary from WorkoutGuru and I am going to use it to track my workouts and ensure I am making progress each week – whether it’s lifting a heavier weight or running longer or faster. I want to make progress and use small achievements as motivation to continue.

Cut out yeast, cow’s milk and eggs – I took a food intolerance test with YorkTest and it revealed I am sensitive to yeast, cow’s milk, eggs and a few more things so I am going to cut these out for 6 weeks and see if it makes a difference. There will be a blog post on my experience with the test very soon!

Use my Nutribullet 3 times a week – I was a very lucky girl and my boyfriend bought me a Nutribullet for Christmas! Up until now I’ve been using my Kenwood Smoothie 2 GO blender to make smoothies but I can’t wait to start using my Nutribullet and most importantly, using it often!

Walk more during the week – I bought myself the Jawbone UP24 fitness tracker when it was in the Black Friday sales and so far it’s opened my eyes to how little I walk during the week. I work a desk job full time so I am sat down a lot. My goal this year is to sneak in more steps during the week and break up my periods of sitting down.

My Blog

I can’t quite believe the opportunities I’ve had, the people I’ve met and the support I’ve had all through having this blog. I love writing new posts for you, reading your comments, your tweets, your emails… Thank you so much for being a huge part of my blogging journey. This year I’m going to work hard to make it a better space for you and me.

Develop a blog schedule – I’ve been awful at posting sporadically. This year I want to develop a routine, both so that it stops me feeling guilty when I haven’t posted in ages and also so that you can know when to expect posts from me. It is hard to fit in blogging with a full time job, the gym and a social life, but I love blogging so I’m going to make consistent posting and sticking to a schedule a priority.

Share my food pictures again – If you’ve been wondering what happened to my Weekly Eats posts, well I still take pictures of my food as it is now a habit but I haven’t posted them in ages. In 2015 I will be bringing my Weekly Eats posts back as well as sharing my food on Instagram.

Post more helpful posts – I get a lot of emails from different brands and products and I say no to a lot of them so as not to overload my blog with reviews, however due to my lack of consistent posting I don’t feel I got the balance right in 2014. This year I want to focus on writing more helpful posts to improve our health, fitness and wellbeing together. Expect more posts like how to get your motivation back and a full body kettlebell workout.

My Life

Slightly personal goals now, overall I’d like to get my finances in check, richen my friendships and relationships with my parents as well as de-clutter my room of stuff, especially clothes!

Save, save, save – The older I get, the more I realise that I don’t have all that long before marriage, babies and mortgages. Therefore I want to focus on building a substantial pot of savings by the end of 2015. I absolutely love YNAB, a budgeting software, so I am going to make sure I regularly use that to keep on top of my spending and savings.

See my girl friends at least once every 2 months – Between work, living in different places and the fact that the weekends are the only free time we have it can be a struggle for my girl friends and I to meet. Especially as we’ll plan to do something but if one person can’t make it we’ll postpone and then end up not seeing each other! As a group our goal is to plan monthly meet ups so my own goal is to make it to at least every other meet up if I can’t make it to them all.

Call my parents more often – This again makes me sound like a terrible person, but I can go for ages without talking to my parents. I get so caught up in what I’ve got going on that I forget to check in on how they’re doing. This year I’m going to work on calling them just to say hi and not waiting until I have a reason to call.

Have regular clear outs – I have far, far too many clothes yet I only wear about 30% of my wardrobe and like about 10%. Just the thought of trying to clear out everything in one go makes my head hurt, so instead I am going to do smaller but regular clear outs until I end up with a wardrobe that I actually wear and love. Plus, once I achieve my weightloss goal I’ll be shopping for new sizes anyway ;)

What are your goals for 2015? Big or small, long term or short term, whatever they are leave them in the comments below. Together we will achieve our goals this year – who’s with me?!

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