• Soul Soother Treatment at Lifehouse Spa
  • Soul Soother Treatment at Lifehouse Spa

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    As part of my stay at Lifehouse Spa and Hotel (read my full review here) I got to experience their newly launched Soul Soother treatment. Let me start by saying this is a two hour treatment, which is pretty rare as far as I’m aware, so it felt like a real treat. I loved the idea of having two hours dedicated solely to relaxing my body, soothing my soul and being pampered by someone. How often do we get to do that?!

    Lifehouse describe the Soul Soother treatment as embarking on “a journey of deep relaxation with this total body treatment designed to melt away the stresses and strains of everyday life”. After a particularly busy week at work with lots of deadlines, I was more than ready for my treatment!

    The Spa at Lifehouse

    I made my way to the spa reception and let them know I was there. I was given a buzzer thing (technical term?!) that would go off when my therapist was ready for me. As much as I don’t like those buzzer things, it meant I could relax in the spa lounge and not awkwardly try to make eye contact with every therapist that walked past, wondering if they were for me or not. It also meant that you could arrive as early as you like and just get comfortable in the spa lounge with one of the magazines on offer. My therapist arrived quite quickly and off we went to my own candle-lit treatment room.

    I always feel a bit apprehensive about full body massages – I don’t think I’ll ever feel completely at ease with lying almost naked on a table in front of a stranger. My therapist was very good though, I did have to wear the dreaded paper pants, but not once did she totally reveal my naked body. I don’t know why, but having one part of my body exposed at a time feels less unnerving to me. She left the room as I got changed and I was laid on the table under some towels before she reentered. If you’re at all body conscious, you’re in good hands at Lifehouse.

    Lifehouse Spa and Hotel Soul Soother Treatment Review by Simply Cantara - a healthy lifestyle blog

    The Soul Soother Treatment

    The Soul Soother treatments starts with dry body brushing, followed by an exfoliation scrub then a full body massage. The body brushing felt invigorating and is something I know I should do at home myself but rarely do. Dry body brushing is said to increase blood circulation and improve the appearance of your skin, including helping combat cellulite. My therapist followed each brush stroke with a hand stroke which felt so soothing. After the backs of my arms, legs and back were brushed it was time for an exfoliating scrub which was then washed off with warm mitts. My therapist exfoliated my skin with the scrub, washed it off with warm mitts and dried me with towels, all whilst I laid there on the bed. I loved that I didn’t have to get up and shower as that would have disrupted my relaxation. Once exfoliated and cleansed, it was time for my massage. I was so relaxed by this point, the massage was just heavenly. I almost drifted off but before I knew it my first hour was up and it was time to turn over and repeat the whole process on my front.

    Once brushed, exfoliated, massaged and your body is feeling completely relaxed, the therapist places healing crystals on your body to draw out any negative energy and gives you a mini head massage focusing on your pressure points. I didn’t realise the crystals were on me at first and I was already so relaxed and at peace that I’m not sure how effective the crystals were for me. At the end of the treatment Tibetan Singing Bowls are used to create sound vibrations to enhance your relaxation. I had never heard the sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls before, so it was a bit of a shock at first but it did help to bring my awareness back into the room after drifting off into a deep relaxation.

    My Verdict

    The two hours went by much faster than I thought they would. I absolutely loved the Soul Soother treatment – it’s always nice to be exfoliated and massaged isn’t it?! I loved the fact that the treatment was two hours and that it included dry body brushing. I can’t say whether the healing crystals and Tibetan Singing Bowls were effective for me or not, but I did feel the most relaxed I have felt in a long time and that, to me, is a success.

    The treatment and my time at Lifehouse Spa and Hotel as a whole as reiterated to me how important it is to take time out for yourself and practice self-care. Whether it’s 20 minutes or 2 nights at a spa, I think it’s important we all find the time to look after our wellbeing.

    Have you ever had a treatment like Soul Soother or another treatment at Lifehouse before? Which treatment would you recommend I try next?

    Thank you to Lifehouse Spa and Hotel for giving me a complimentary treatment in exchange for my review. My reviews and opinions are always honest, that is my promise to you.

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