My Goals for 2014

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Happy New Year! It’s quite exciting, writing my first blog post of the year. It’s also been a year since I started my blog (Happy 1st Birthday Blog!). My first ever blog post was my New Years resolutions for 2013. I’ve achieved half of them. A major one being passing my driving test first time and getting my licence- yay! But the other half were either forgotten about or failed.

This year, I’m making goals. Which I am determined to tick off- not let them fall by the wayside and forget about until this time next year. And of course, I am going to share those goals with you all so that it can keep me accountable! So, here they are…

Health & Fitness

Go Sugar Free in January // I bought Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar e-book and read it in December, gearing myself up to start in January. Then, I saw Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton tweet about #sugarfreejan. I messaged her instantly and signed myself up to her case study, so now I’m committed to her plan for January and I’ll be blogging about my progress so watch this space!

Follow the Tone It Up Plan // After #sugarfreejan, I intend to continue being sugar free and will follow the Tone It Up plan. I know how to eat clean and healthy already, but I like having a clear plan to stick to as that keeps me motivated and focused.

Establish a regular gym routine // I want to find a 12 week workout plan and complete it. I will go to the gym at least 3 times a week and workout at home if I can’t make it to the gym. There are lots of free workouts online so there’s no excuse not to workout!


Save, save, save // Last year I started paying more attention to my finances. I’m getting closer to the age where marriage, houses and babies aren’t so distant (eek!). I’m going to ramp up my savings and budget my spending using YNAB.

Keep my room tidier // One day my room will be tidy, then I’ll blink and there will be clothes, hair products and bits and bobs scattered everywhere. I am going to start by tidying away 5 things each day, that way, the clutter won’t build up until the weekend.

Stop straightening my hair // I’ve stopped relaxing my hair and I’ve stopped straightening my hair everyday. Now I straighten it about 2-3 times a fortnight, but I want to cut that down to once a month. I’ll be wearing my hair curly with curly extensions.


Track my progress // I started my blog to track myself losing weight and toning up, but as I started to lose my way I stopped blogging about it. Now I am going to post every workout that I do and ensure I post my Weekly Eats every week.

Develop my blog // I have so many plans for my blog, but struggle to find the time. Outfit posts, workouts, recipes, makeup looks, guides on fitness and nutrition. So much. This year I will make the time and grow my blog with better and consistent content.

Improve my photography // I have a great camera but I haven’t learnt how to use it to its full potential. I am going to finish reading a DSLR How-to e-book I downloaded months ago, practice my photography and follow online tutorials to learn and improve.

So that’s it. I’m determined to achieve them all this year. I need to hold myself accountable and keep checking back. What are your goals/aims for 2014? What are you hoping to achieve this year?

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