Weekly Eats #7

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Day 1: Porridge, banana, almonds. Clean blueberry muffin. Chicken, wild rice, salad. Clif bar. Chicken, brown rice, veg. Clean peanut butter brownies. Day 2: Porridge, banana, almonds, chia seeds. Healthier flapjack. Tuna & tomatoes, brown rice, salad, hummus. Clif bar. Chicken salad. Vanilla protein shake. Day 3: Porridge, banana, almonds, chia seeds. Graze pepper popcorn. Chicken sandwich. Clif bar. Tuna & tomatoes, broccoli, salad. Vanilla protein shake. Day 4: Porridge, banana, almonds, chia seeds. Greek yogurt, almonds, honey. Chicken, cous cous, salad. Clif bar. Chicken omelette. Vanilla protein shake. Day 5: Porridge, banana, almonds, chia seeds. Almonds. Chicken salad pitta. Graze pear. Chicken, cous cous, salad. Rice cake, almond butter, banana.

Over the last two weeks I’ve been cleaning up my diet after starting to eat whatever I wanted and neglecting the gym. I soon felt the effects as my skin was becoming spottier, my cravings for sweet things were becoming constant, I was feeling sluggish and worst of all- I gained half a stone!! I didn’t think I was eating that badly as my main meals were still pretty healthy, but I was saying yes to all the tempting treats in the office and pigging out at the weekends with my boyfriend. Bit by bit they all took effect and I decided to stop two weeks ago.

I haven’t eaten as great as I could have. There have been far too many carbs for one, however I have been going to the gym and I already feel much better than I did two weeks ago. I’m not as bloated as I was, my stomach is almost perfectly flat again. My clean eating is definitely here to stay so watch this space!

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