Yoga to Ease Bloating and Aid Digestion – Guest Post

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Yoga moves to  help ease bloating and aid digestionIn yesterday’s post about Gut Health and I told you that I’d suffered from bloating. One of the things I found helped ease my bloating was yoga, so I reached out to blogger and Yoga Teacher Jayne of Jayne Becca Yoga and asked her to put together a yoga sequence to help us ease bloating and aid digestion. I’ve followed Jayne’s blog for a long time and loved following her progress with her Yoga Teacher training, so I knew she was the perfect person to collaborate with for this post. On that note, I’ll hand you over to the lovely Jayne!

Yoga is a great way to aid digestion and bloating as the following poses and sequence work to cleanse the system and get your digestive juices going.

Twists are very cleansing, restorative and are a great way to energise if you are feeling tired! Any twisting position works well but this pose, Ardha Matsyendrasana, is one of my favourite ways to twist. Twists help to simulate your digestion and move any blockages through your digestive tract. That’s what yoga teachers mean when they say that twists are detoxing! Use your breath to twist – inhale to find length and then on the exhale twist. On each exhale you can twist deeper if space allows.

Wind pose is another fantastic pose for cleansing your system. It helps to lengthen your low back and compress your abdomen. Bring the right knee into the chest first and length the left leg all the way to the front of the mat. Keep your feet active. The right leg in compresses the ascending colon. Switch sides after 5-7 deep breaths bring the left knee into your chest. The left leg in compresses the descending colon. This pose encourages everything to relax and restore and it’s called wind pose for a reason!

The final pose is happy baby. I love this pose, not only is it a restorative pose but it’s a great pose for elimination. Bring your knees into your arm pits and bring your hands to the outside of the feet, focus on lengthening the whole of the spine towards the mat, you can stay in stillness or rock side to side. This pose allows the colon to ‘un-kink’ so elimination becomes easy and smooth. This maybe TMI but a traditional seated position can cause the colon to ‘kink’ and cause blockages, which means you may have to strain to get waste out of your body. A yogic squat position is also a great pose for this.

This video below is a full 15 minute yoga sequence to help aid digestion and ease bloating. I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions at all you can find me on Twitter @jaynebecca.

Be sure to follow Jayne at Jayne Becca Yoga for more yoga sequences. I hope you liked this post and enjoy your yoga practice. If you have any questions for Jayne, you can leave a comment below or tweet her @jaynebecca.

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