Review: Easy, Healthy Meals with The Saucy Fish Co.

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Having to cook dinner after a long day at work or Uni, or trying to whip up a quick and healthy lunch before running out the front door can be hard. We all have times when we’re pushed for time so we might be tempted by a greasy takeaway or salt laden ready meal. It’s happened to the best of us, but no fear my friends, I may have found a solution…

I was recently given the chance to try out The Saucy Fish Co.’s range of fish and found them so versatile, so easy to make and so tasty. They are perfect for when you’re looking to impress someone with a tasty dinner, or when you’re pushed for time to make a healthy meal, or you want to try a different way of flavouring fish. The Ready to Enjoy range is pre-cooked, so you can eat them straight out of the packet – ideal for flaking on to a salad at lunch – or, you can heat them in the oven along with some chopped peppers and sweet potato and voila, you have a hot dinner in 20 minutes. They also do packets of fish in one portion, ideal if you cook for one like I do. None of the ranges that I tried took longer than 20 minutes to cook or prepare and they were honestly all tasty!

Fish is so good for you; it is a lean source of protein and salmon is a great source of healthy fats, perfect for a healthy diet. If you’re not vegetarian and don’t hate fish then I highly recommend you add fish to your diet and the ranges by The Saucy Fish Co. is a great way of doing that. I often eat salmon but tend to only flavour it with lemon and dill and never add a sauce, so I really enjoyed tasting the different flavours that The Saucy Fish Co. have created.

You can freeze the fish too, which I did, letting it defrost in the fridge before whipping up into a tasty meal. I realise I keep saying tasty, but my mouth is salivating just at the memory of the fish as I type up this post! I shall definitely buy these and have my eye on their fishcakes too. If I’m not careful, I may turn into a fish at this rate…

The Saucy Fish Co.’s ranges are available to buy in most supermarkets, including Tesco, Ocado and Waitrose.

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