• Renewed Motivation and How To Boost Yours
  • Renewed Motivation and How To Boost Yours

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    Last week I shared with you the 28 goals I want to achieve before my 28th birthday and I am feeling so motivated right now. I always get a motivation boost around this time of year. Turning a year older feels like a new chapter and with the New Year right around the corner, it feels like the perfect time to get back on track. Even though Christmas is almost upon us, the season where we typically gain weight, I’m determined to get a head start on 2017. So today I’m sharing with you what I’ll be doing to get a head start, as well as tips on how to boost your own motivation.

    *This post features an advertorial from Alive! vitamins and contains affiliate links. Please see my disclaimer for more info.

    How to boost your motivation to eat well, exercise and focus on self-care by Simply Cantara - a healthy lifestyle blog


    I’ve been feeling so tired and lacking energy lately. I think it’s partly down to the weather, but also down to me going to bed later than usual. I’m going to try to tackle this constant fatigue by getting back to a better sleep schedule, winding down earlier in the night and also taking my vitamins. I’ve told you about the Alive! Women’s Energy Soft Jells before, when I started taking them to help me become a morning person. When I’m tired or lacking energy I find it so much harder to motivate myself to go to the gym or make healthy choices, so I’m hoping the vitamins, specially balanced with the full Vitamin B complex to support normal energy for us women will help with my motivation. I’m useless at remembering to take pills or tablets every day, but the Alive! soft jells are made from a unique blend of 26 dried fruits so it’s like having a sweet every morning and I definitely notice a difference in my energy levels when taking these.


    This week I’m trialling a box from Mindful Chef, the healthy food delivery company. You select the recipes you want to make & they send you the recipe with all of the ingredients pre-portioned so there is no waste. I’m hoping using Mindful Chef will inspire me with new recipes, give me a motivation boost to get back in the kitchen and save me time with meal prepping. I’ll be writing a full review to let you know how I get on with Mindful Chef, but if you want to give it a go, use code CANTARA25 to get 25% off your first two boxes.

    I’ve also been trialling protein from a new brand, Innermost. Protein keeps me fuller for longer and helps me recover quicker from my workouts, so I add protein powder to add to porridge or smoothies and as a post-workout shake. Innermost have a range of proteins to suit your goal – The Lean One, The Fit One, The Strong One and The Health One. Whilst there’s no magic protein or pill that will get you lean or strong without you putting in the work, Innermost’s protein is high-quality, GMO-free with no trace of artificial flavours or colours that can help you towards your goal. I’ve been trying the chocolate flavour of each protein and so far I like the taste of them all! It’s a really smooth protein that blends well with both almond milk and water.


    I’ve mentioned before that I like the Train Eat Gain guys and their workout programmes. Well, I’m going to be starting their latest and greatest programme, TRINITY. It focuses on the mind as well as food and exercise which I really, really like. I truly believe once you get your mindset right, sticking to a healthier lifestyle will be so much easier. You get one on one support from the trainers Rob and Ben, plus a super supportive Facebook group of ladies on the same journey as you, sharing recipes, advice and motivation boosts. That’s just what I need right now so I’m excited to start TRINITY.


    One of my 28 goals before 28 was to finish my Happiness Planner. It’s a 100 day journal that helps you to understand what brings you joy and happiness, what doesn’t, set goals and log your gratitude. It’s a great mood and motivation booster and I love taking the time to write in it. I just need to prioritise that time so that I can write in it each day and finish it. I’ve also bought myself a gorgeous marble journal for my blog so that I can jot down any ideas and to-do lists so that I can start to feel more organised and less stressed. There is so much that goes into blogging and it takes a lot of time so it’s important to get organised.

    How to boost your motivation to eat well, exercise and focus on self-care by Simply Cantara - a healthy lifestyle blog

    That’s what I’m planning to do to get myself back on track and make the most of this motivation boost that I’ve got at the moment. I’m hoping that by sharing my plan with you it will help keep me accountable so that I don’t lose this motivation.

    If you’re struggling to feel motivated, here are four tips to help get your motivation back.

    1. Set a Goal

    Having a goal will give you a focus and a reason. It will mean you won’t be going to the gym because you ‘should’ but because you want to achieve ‘X’. It will mean having that second piece of cake isn’t as important as ‘X’. Set a goal with a clear deadline and timescale so that it means that you can’t say I’ll start eating healthily next week instead of this week, because time is ticking. I have tips on how to set SMART goals so that you can finally achieve your goals.

    2. Plan, Plan, Plan

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. This saying is so true, I always do my best when I have a plan. Get a workout plan so that you know what you’re doing every time you go to the gym. Having a workout plan will ensure you work each body part, prevent yourself wasting time and will get the best results. You can find a workout plan online, as I said, I’m going to be starting Train Eat Gain’s TRINITY workout plan. Or, if you have personal trainers at your gym, ask them to help you. Plan your meals too, this will ensure you healthy meals for the week and not get tempted by the offers at the supermarket. Download my free meal planner to help you get organised. Which leads me onto my next tip…

    3. Meal Prep

    Spend a few hours on one or two nights preparing healthy meals for the week ahead. Season and grill several chicken breasts and salmon fillets, chop and roast some veg (red onion, peppers, courgette and tomatoes), whip up some quinoa, brown rice and sweet potato, let it all cool then store it in tupperware in the fridge. All you’d need to do during the week is add salads and steam some extra veg like broccoli, spinach and asparagus to go with your prepped meals. Easy peasy!

    4. Be Accountable

    Get yourself a gym buddy or healthy eating buddy. Someone who will you can workout with, share healthy recipes and maybe even cook with. Tell a partner, friend, parent, family member that you’re going to start working out and eating healthily and ask them to check in with you to keep you on track. Start a health and fitness diary and journal your progress. Start a health and fitness blog (like me!). Any of these will help to keep you accountable to your goals.

    All of these four tips will help you to find your motivation again and more importantly, stay motivated. If you have any tips of your own, leave them in the comments below and share your goals and plans with me. Together we can stay motivated and achieve our goals!

    This post features an advertorial from Alive! vitamins and contains affiliate links. Please see my disclaimer for more info

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