• Healthy Eating Made Easy With Mindful Chef
  • Healthy Eating Made Easy With Mindful Chef

    This post contains affiliate links. For more info, please see my disclaimer
    This post may contain affiliate links. For full info, please see my disclaimer

    For the past few weeks I’ve been getting the majority of my meals from healthy food delivery company Mindful Chef. The recipes focus on gluten free, dairy free and refined carbohydrate free meals, making healthy eating a lot easier. I was kindly given a recipe box to review, but I’ve been buying a box ever since. It’s safe to say I’m hooked!

    If you fancy giving Mindful Chef a try they have given me a discount code exclusively for my readers. I love that I get to save you guys a bit of money! Use CANTARA25 at the checkout for 25% off your first two boxes. Only want one box? No worries, you can cancel at any time.

    What is Mindful Chef?

    Mindful Chef is a healthy recipe box delivery company. If you haven’t heard of this type of service before, it is basically a more convenient way of doing your food shop. Instead of you trying to decide which recipes you’re going to make that week and then spending time buying the ingredients and getting them home, Mindful Chef handles all of that for you.

    Each week Mindful Chef has a range of healthy eating recipes to choose from which are all gluten free, dairy free and refined carbohydrate free as well as vegan options. All you need to do is log in to your account and say which recipes you want and how many people you’re cooking for, then Mindful Chef will deliver the box with everything you need to your door. Created by three friends in 2015, Mindful Chef source the majority of their ingredients directly from small West Country farmers and suppliers.

    Ever bought a jar of something for a recipe, only to use 1 tablespoon of it, leaving the rest to go to waste? We’ve all been there. The Mindful Chef recipe boxes come with the ingredients perfectly portioned so food wastage becomes a thing of the past. Each box has recipe cards that give clear instructions on how to make your chosen recipes as well as the nutritional info for each recipe. This has been especially helpful for me as I am currently tracking my macros.

    Tip: Hold on to the recipe cards so that you can make your favourite meals again and again.
    Healthy Eating made easy with Mindful Chef. An honest review of the healthy food delivery recipe box service Mindful Chef | Simply CantaraHealthy Eating made easy with Mindful Chef. An honest review of the healthy food delivery recipe box service Mindful Chef | Simply Cantara

    How does Mindful Chef make healthy eating easy?

    Prior to trying Mindful Chef, I had gotten stuck in a rut with healthy eating. I was making the same meals over and over and had fallen out of love with cooking. On top of that, I also realised that I needed to switch to a lower carb diet and cut out dairy, but I only had about 3 go-to low carb, dairy free recipes in my repertoire.

    I needed inspiration, I needed to love cooking again and I needed healthy eating to feel easy again, not a chore. Enter Mindful Chef. Their recipes do not use refined carbohydrates (think white pasta, bread, white rice, sugar etc) so are often low-carb without being carb-free and are all dairy free – hurray! Mindful Chef took the guesswork out of healthy eating. The recipe boxes got me back to enjoying being in the kitchen, feeling like a pro as I whizzed up the recipes in 30 minutes or less.

    With Mindful Chef you get your precious time back by no longer having to meal plan, write out a shopping list and do your food shop. I’ve spent hours before planning my meals for the coming week, noting down all the ingredients and nutritional info so that I can make sure I’m hitting my macros. With Mindful Chef it’s easy to track my macros because they tell me how many calories, fats, carbs and protein are in each portion of each recipe.

    The recipes have got me eating food I’d never tried before – purple carrots or ling fish anyone? – and cooking in ways I never had before. They’ve got me out of my rut and I’m enjoying eating foods that I like but never usually cook for myself like lamb and they also made me realise that I actually do like aubergine, after years of thinking I hated it! My culinary world is expanding folks.

    What are the pros and cons of Mindful Chef?

    I could go on and on about how much I’m enjoying all of the Mindful Chef recipes that I’ve been having over the past few weeks so I thought I would summarise my experience by listing the pros and cons.

    – Super convenient. All guesswork is removed from healthy eating, saving you time and energy.
    – Delicious. There hasn’t been a recipe I haven’t loved yet. They’re all packed with flavour and filling.
    – Variety. The recipes change every week so you won’t be eating the same thing repeatedly.
    – Less food wastage. All the ingredients are perfectly portioned for the recipes. Only need 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar? That’s what you’ll get.
    – Quality ingredients. The vegetables from Mindful Chef stay fresh a lot longer than the veg I buy from supermarkets. You can really tell they’re sourced directly from farmers.
    – Fast. All of the recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less.
    – Healthy Eating. All Mindful Chef recipes are gluten free, dairy free and refined carbohydrate free. There are also a good number of vegan options every week.
    – Discovery. You’ll get to try ingredients you may not have had before, like purple carrots and black rice, which may or may not make you feel like you’re one of the pros on MasterChef.

    – This isn’t a completely done-for-you solution. You do still have to chop the veg and cook the recipes which may be a bad thing for some.
    – Delivery. At the moment, they only deliver Sundays & Mondays which may not be ideal.
    – Cost. It’s not cheap, services like this never are. Mindful Chef costs from £6 per meal.
    – Packaging. Because the ingredients are portioned more packaging is needed, however all of Mindful Chef’s packaging is recyclable.

    Final thoughts on Mindful Chef

    I’ve been getting the 4 or 5 meal recipe box for 2 people which means that I get 8 or 10 meals for the week. I’ve been using Mindful Chef for my lunches and dinners during the week so that all I’d have to think about is healthy options for breakfasts and snacks. Since using Mindful Chef my bloat has significantly decreased and I’ve lost a couple of pounds which is amazing. Mindful Chef isn’t a weight loss meal delivery, but I’ve been tracking my macros and choosing breakfasts and snacks that will put me at a calorie deficit.

    Overall I love Mindful Chef, which I think is pretty obvious haha. I will definitely keep getting a recipe box for now. I’m officially out of my healthy eating rut. I’m enjoying cooking again, I’m eating new foods and loving them and I’m feeling great and losing weight. What’s not to love?!

    What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to healthy eating? Is it being stuck in a rut like me, or not knowing what to cook? Have you ever tried a recipe box? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Healthy Eating made easy with Mindful Chef. An honest review of the healthy food delivery recipe box service Mindful Chef | Simply Cantara

    Thank you to Mindful Chef for kindly gifting me a recipe box in exchange for my honest review and giving my readers a discount. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. For more information, please read my disclaimer.

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