• Health Tip: Four ways to get your motivation back
  • Health Tip: Four ways to get your motivation back

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    My motivation to workout and eat healthily comes and goes. Recently all motivation left my side, leaving me to make poor food choices and neglect the gym. Once you break the habit it can be hard to get back on track but it’s important that you do- the longer you stay off track, the further you will get from your goal. I am happy to say I am once more feeling motivated and ready to tackle the flab again, so I thought I should share my top four tips on how to find your motivation after you have lost it.


    1. Set a goal

    Having a goal will give you a focus and a reason. It will mean you won’t be going to the gym because you ‘should’ but because you want to achieve ‘X’. It will mean having that second piece of cake isn’t as important as ‘X’. My goal is to get in shape for my 6 year anniversary with the boyfriend. Last year we went on holiday for our anniversary and it was so much fun, we’re going away this year too. An anniversary and a holiday are great motivators for me to get bikini ready. It gives me a clear deadline and timescale. It means that I can’t say I’ll start eating healthily next week instead of this week, because time is ticking.

    2. Plan, plan, plan

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. This saying is so true, I always do my best when I have a plan. Get a workout plan so that you know what you’re doing every time you go to the gym. Having a workout plan will ensure you work each body part, prevent yourself wasting time and will get the best results. You can find a workout plan online, check out Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer, Blogilates and Tone It Up’s workouts. Or, if you have a fit friend or personal trainers at your gym, ask them to help you. Plan your meals too, this will ensure you healthy meals for the week and not get tempted by the offers at the supermarket. Which leads me onto my next tip…

    3. Meal prep

    Having a meal plan ensures I have healthy meals to eat every day of the week, stops me from overspending at the supermarket and removes the guesswork when it comes to cooking or preparing my meals. I’ve actually have a free meal planner which you can print off and fill out to get organised too. Once I have my meal plan and have done my food shop I then spend one or two nights, usually a Sunday and Wednesday night, to prepare my meals. I season and grill several chicken breasts and salmon fillets, chop and roast my veg (red onion, peppers, courgette and tomatoes), whip up some quinoa, brown rice and sweet potato, let it all cool then store it in tupperware in my fridge. All I need to do during the week is add my salads and steam some extra veg like broccoli, spinach and asparagus to go with my evening meals. Easy peasy!

    4. Tell someone

    Get yourself a gym buddy, or healthy eating buddy. Someone who will workout with you and share recipe ideas for healthy meals, maybe even cook with you. Tell someone (a partner, friend, parent, family member) that you’re going to start working out and eating healthily and ask them to check in with you to keep you on track. Start a health and fitness diary. Start a health and fitness blog (like me!). Any of these will make your intentions to start working out and eating healthily known and will help to keep you accountable.

    All of these four tips will help you to find your motivation again and more importantly, stay motivated. If you have any tips of your own, leave them in the comments below. Sharing is caring!


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