How To Boost Your Immune System

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How To Boost Your Immune System - Gymbags & Gladrags, a health and fitness blogAlive! Immune Boost Vitamins, How To Boost Your Immune System - Gymbags and Gladrags, a health and fitness blogI thought we’d gotten off lightly with the weather this winter as December really wasn’t that cold at all. However with temperatures seriously dropping now, colds and flu are bound to be around. I hate being ill so I’m taking efforts to boost my immune system in the hope that I’ll avoid the lurgy ha. Here are my tips on how to boost your immune system too.

1. Get a good night’s sleep. When you sleep inflammatory cells decline, allowing your body to heal. Sleep deprivation also raises your levels of the hormone cortisol which can suppress your immune function.

2. Go easy on the alcohol. Alcohol abuse can destroy white blood cells and impairs the immune system. So watch your alcohol intake and don’t be excessive.

3. Do not smoke. Smoking is harmful for us in many ways, but one of those ways is that tobacco stifles immune defences and increases the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia.

4. Eat a healthy diet. Looking after your body by eating healthy foods is a great way to boost your immune system all year round. A healthy body, a healthy immune system. Try this green smoothie recipe to boost your nutrient intake.

5. Take an immune boost vitamin. When I feel I need a helping hand I like to reach for immune boosting vitamins like Alive! Immune Support*. I’ve been starting my day with two of these berry flavoured soft jells and it’s like having sweets in the morning. They contain 100% NRV of Vitamins C, D and Zinc which help with the normal function of your immune system. They also contain a blend of 26 fruits and vegetables as an added health boost.

6. Eat garlic. Garlic isn’t only good for scaring off vampires, it boosts your immune system to scare off colds and flu due to its antimicrobial properties.

7. Take a probiotic. Your gut is home to your immune system, so look after your gut health and take a probiotic to boost the good bacteria in your gut.

8. Exercise. Studies have shown that workers who exercise regularly take fewer sick days than workers who don’t. Pick a form of exercise you love and start being active.

I really hope I don’t get sick this winter and so far I’ve managed to avoid all illnesses going around the office. It might be luck, or it might be down to these tips that I’ve been following. If you’d like more tips on how to boost your immune system, then watch this video by Alive! and dietician Nichola Whitehead on immunity boosting foods. Alive! Soft Jells are a brand new range of Multi-Vitamins and Minerals from Nature’s Way. The range comes in 5 variants for the whole family: Women’s Energy, Women’s 50+, Men’s Energy, Children’s and Immune Support

If there’s anything you do to boost your immune system then share them in the comments below. May we all avoid colds and the flu this winter!

This post was sponsored by Alive! Vitamins but all words and opinions are my own, that is my promise to you.


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