• Update: The Body Coach 90 Day Challenge
  • Update: The Body Coach 90 Day Challenge

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    A while back, I posted about my first impressions of The Body Coach’s 90 Day SSS Plan after I had received Cycle One, part one of the three month plan. A lot of you were intrigued to see how I’d get on, were contemplating signing up to the plan yourselves and were wondering if the incredible transformations he posts were too good to be true. I agreed to blog about my progress and be a ‘guinea pig’ of sorts for you all to see if the plan is worth signing up to and whether my transformation would be just as impressive as everyone else’s. I started Cycle One in September which means I should have completed Cycle Three in December, ready to rock my Christmas Party Dresses with a honed and sculpted bod. Did I complete the plan? In a word, no. Let me explain…

    Why I didn’t complete The Body Coach’s 90 Day SSS Plan

    To put it simply, I struggled with the meals provided in the plan. Exercise wise, Cycle One is based on HIIT cardio only, no strength training, nor Low Intensity Steady Sate cardio. This I struggled with at first because I am not a cardio bunny, I much prefer lifting weights but I adapted. Food wise, Cycle One focuses on low carb meals with one higher carb meal directly after your workout. I have done low carb before so I knew I could do it again, it was the meals themselves that I struggled with. The low carb options included muscle mince, which is mince fried in coconut oil and seasoning, topped off with a fried egg and a side of broccoli or some other steamed greens. Another meal was chicken cashew curry, again served with a side of steamed greens. It was purely a mental barrier for me; the food tasted all well and good, but the pairings didn’t make sense to me. A bowl of curry shouldn’t be served with a side plate of broccoli, I can eat grilled chicken breast or salmon with broccoli but if I was going to have a curry I’d want to pair it with brown rice. I couldn’t get past this mental barrier and I stopped looking forward to meal times which was a huge deal for me.

    A review of The Body Coach 90 Day Shape Shift and Sustain Plan by Simply Cantara - a healthy lifestyle blog

    I contemplated eating my own low carb meals as long as I stuck within the guidelines of the plan, but that felt like cheating. I already knew how to do HIIT cardio and eat low carb, I bought The Body Coach’s plan because I wanted his guidance and it didn’t feel like I was following it 100% if I didn’t eat his meals. I reached out to Joe and he was ever so helpful, yet I still struggled. I contemplated having my higher carb meal at lunch as that was when I was hungriest and I preferred the higher carb meal options, but technically, as I workout after work my higher carb meal should be my dinner. I just couldn’t seem to make the meals work for me and then my workouts started to suffer. All in all, I only managed to spend a week completely on plan. The rest of the month I was on and off, trying to find how to make it work for me.

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    I realise these are excuses and if you really want something you go after it and make it work for you. I don’t really know why but I just couldn’t seem to stick to it. Cycle One wasn’t for me. I believe I would have done better on Cycle Two as that is when The Body Coach introduces strength training and you get to eat more higher carb meals, including some of the #leanin15 meals he posts on his Instagram and always look delicious. I do believe the plan will work and I believe the transformations Joe posts are real as low carb meals and regular HIIT workouts will get you results. Joe is responsive, supportive and helpful and I’m sorry it didn’t work out for me. I might return to it one day, but for now I’ve found a new plan and I’m already on week six, pretty good going for me given my track record!

    My plan now: Train Eat Gain

    I found out about Train Eat Gain on Twitter, the trainers Rob and Ben have created tailored fitness and nutrition plans. Like The Body Coach they offer support via social media and email and there is a community of others who are all following the Train Eat Gain plans and supporting each other. Before receiving the plan I had to fill in details about myself, including selecting my body type – I am an Endomorph. This weekend I found my stats from this time last year and compared them to my stats now. Over the past year I have gained 14.2lb (1 stone) of muscle but only lost 0.8lbs of fat, meaning I’m 13lbs heavier now than I was last year. This is all whilst trying to lose weight! I’ve accidentally gained muscle and not shifted the fat. I read into what it means to be an endomorph and I finally understand where I’ve been going wrong. As an endomorph I store fat and put on muscle easily, it seems I gain weight just by looking at a cake and it is difficult to lose fat. Endomorphs have some degree of sensitivity to carbs and insulin, meaning I need to watch my carb intake and a mix of cardio and weights is the best type of exercise. All this time I’ve been focusing on weight training as that is what I enjoy the most but I need to up my cardio. Train Eat Gain’s plan already has me on a higher fat, lower carb macronutrient split, but I am now going to eat carbs for lunch only (sounds like The Body Coach’s plan, right? Except I can make my own lower carb meals that I’ll actually enjoy eating, as long as it fits my macros).

    I’m using my FREE Weekly Meal & Workout Planner to stay on track with my food and workouts. Both The Body Coach & Train Eat Gain give you meals but not a structured meal plan so having this planner is so helpful.

    I feel good finally understanding what I need to do for my body type. This, along with cutting out the foods I may be intolerant to should lead me to finally being able to shift the fat and show off all this muscle I seem to be building. Both The Body Coach’s 90 day plan and Train Eat Gain’s plans are available to purchase if you choose to. I can’t really say which plan I prefer, I really like Joe Wicks but not his plan – Train Eat Gain’s plan definitely seems to be a much better fit for me!

    What are your training and diet plans? Have you tried The Body Coach’s plan, if so what was your experience on it? Do you know if you’re an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph like me? Let me know in the comments down below.

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