Running Tips for Beginners

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running-tips-beginnersRunning season is well and truly upon us. With the warmer weather finally appearing, more and more people are hitting the pavements. The London Marathon last month was incredibly inspiring and it got me thinking, just how do you get started running? If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I am not a runner, but I’m lucky enough to know some pretty fantastic bloggers who know what it takes to be a runner. I asked a few of them to share their running tips for beginners, so that you and I can get out there and start running with everyone else.

You don’t have to be fit to start

You don’t have to be really fit to start running, actually you can start from nothing like I did. I was too scared to go too far from home so I used to run around the block – the first time I went out I only managed two laps, but I just kept building it up until I braved running to the nearest park. About a month later I found myself signing up for a 10km and since then I haven’t looked back!
Zoe Meskell, Marathon Runner and Blogger at London and Me

Don’t get caught up with your pace

Run without constantly checking your watch to see what pace you’re running and try to enjoy yourself. I’d recommend plotting a route beforehand (running outside is always more fun than running on a treadmill anyway) and take in the scenery, listen to a podcast or playlist, or run with a friend and use your run as a time to unwind, exercise and boost those endorphins!
Charlie Waston, Multi-Marathon Runner and Blogger at The Runner Beans

Run with a friend

The best motivation is agreeing to do it with a friend! You don’t want to let them down now do you? Don’t push too hard and do what you can, the worst thing to do would be to wear yourself out and then put yourself off of running all together. If you have to stop to walk no one is going to judge you. Enjoy it and you’ll find yourself ‘running’ back to do it again and again.
Kim, Runner and Blogger at Food & Lycra

Not every run will be amazing, and that’s okay

Even people who have been running a long time (myself included) find it difficult to get motivated to run, and even when out the door it’s not always an enjoyable experience. True, you’ll almost always feel better after a run, but some are much harder than others depending on your mental and physical state; how you slept, what you’ve eaten and how much water you’ve drunk will make a big difference. I had some internal fights with myself whilst marathon training but it was all worthwhile when I was actually out there running the full 26.2.
Sarah Harradine, Marathon Runner and Blogger at That Squat Bot

Running has as much to do with your mindset as your fitness level

Before I started running, the biggest thing that held me back was my fear of failure. Deep down, I knew I wanted to be able to run 10k, but at that point, I couldn’t imagine ever being able to complete 5, and because of that, I didn’t want to run at all. Fortunately, I eventually overcame these ridiculous fears, and started, but it took some time! If only I’d realised then that the only thing stopping me from running 5 or even 10k was just the confidence to try, and a few weeks of regular training.
Hatty Stiles, Runner and Co-Blogger at Head to Tone

Have some variety

To improve your running, you don’t just have to run. Rowing machines in the gym for example are great as they work all your major muscle groups and increase your cardiovascular strength just like running does. You can also incorporate lower body exercises including squats and lunges to your workouts, to build strength in your legs. Even yoga is fantastic, as it improves your core strength and posture which are two highly important factors when running.
AJ Ododu, TV Presenter, Fitness Fanatic and Blogger at AJ Ododu

Run outside

The reason I love running outside is because I feel so free, able to explore my world and capable of taking on the unknown! You don’t get that from a treadmill. I felt really embarrassed at first but I slowly realised that nobody cared if I looked red or out of breath and those who did, didn’t matter – they were behind me as I ran on anyway. You just have to decide you want to. Be brave enough to take on the unknown.
Polly Warrack, Marathon Runner and Blogger at Running for August

So there you have it, running tips for beginners from some of my favourite bloggers. I hope that has inspired some of you to get out there and giving running a go if you’re new to running. I’m going to be taking on these tips myself and hope that one day, I can finally call myself a runner.

What are your running tips for beginners? I’d love to know them, leave them in the comments section below. Sharing is caring! Let us all inspire and motivate each other to hit the pavements and start running.

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