My Weight-loss and Fitness Story

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Besides my Motivation Monday posts, I haven’t really posted much about health & fitness or the fact that I want to lose weight. One of the reasons I started this blog was because I started eating clean and instagraming pictures of my food, then those following me started asking me questions about health & fitness. I’ve read up a lot on the subject- I’m no nutritionist or a qualified personal trainer- but I do know quite a bit and want to share that with you all.

I am not a success story (yet). Despite knowing what to do, I struggle with doing it and sticking to it. I go through phases of leading a healthy lifestyle and losing up to half a stone, then going back to my unhealthy ways and gaining it all back again. Another reason I started this blog was so that I could share my journey with you. I didn’t just want to regurgitate all of this information that I’ve learned to you. I want to act on it, show you that it works and transform before your very eyes! I want this blog to track my progress, hold me accountable and act like my fitness journey diary as I finally reach my goal weight!

I am just a normal girl. I struggled when I lived at home as my parents are both overweight and my Mum began to prefer takeaways and quick oven food rather than healthy meals. We would argue when I would decline the takeaway or try to cook my own dinner. I then went to Uni, determined to finally take charge of my eating and eat healthily. I did, for the most part, but social pizzas, alcohol, hungover greasy food and convenient super noodles when I had a deadline were all a big part of my Uni life. I had a gym membership but didn’t really know what to do when I was there and I found it hard to stick to going regularly. All of this makes it pretty easy to see why I gained a stone during this time!

Since graduating I have struggled with the daily temptations in the office and at home with housemates who love to bake. But I have also learned about clean eating and what to do in the gym. This is my chance now to apply myself and get the body I’ve been dreaming of. Care to join me? I mean, this is just in time for Summer, right? Although I want to transform my body for life!

On my blog you can expect to see food posts of what I’ve been eating, workouts, benefits of certain foods, drinks and workouts, the principles of eating clean, recipes, how to lose weight, how to become healthier and how to tone up. I hope you’ll stick around! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me post about.

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