Lust List: Adidas Energy Boost

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A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the launch party of the new range of adidas Energy Boost trainers at their flagship store in Bond Street. The trainers come in four colours, pink berry, frost mint, cool white and core black. They are an extension of the existing adidas Boost range with an improved mesh upper providing added comfort and flexibility as well as the Boost technology that adidas spent years developing and perfecting. The Boost sole is made up of lots of capsules that are fused together and is designed to store and give back energy, adding a ‘boost’ to your run. I tried on the trainers for the first time at the launch and whilst I wasn’t about to start running around the packed store, I certainly noticed the springiness as soon as I put them on.

The sole literally looks like polystyrene, which is a bit off putting at first glance, but I looked past that and fell in love with the pink berry and frost mint colours. I even tried on both colours at the same time and tweeted and instagrammed a picture, asking for your opinions. When I had seen the trainers in pictures I was set on the mint pair, but in person I just couldn’t turn my back on the pink. It seemed you guys couldn’t decide either as I got equal votes for pink and mint!

The launch party was themed around giving ourselves a ‘boost’ in different areas of our day to day lives. There was a section on healthy and beauty where we could get a mini makeover, changing rooms where we could try on the trainers and any other adidas gear, as well as talks by healthy foodies Hemsley + Hemsley, life coach Beth Reacher and singer Foxes who has teamed up with adidas to promote this new range and share her tips on staying fit. Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley gave us all a delicious green smoothie which had a remarkable 17 ingredients in it, all healthy of course! Even green smoothie newbies were sipping away in fascination and enjoyment – I didn’t want mine to end! They then sat us down to give us their nutrition tips to give us a boost to our daily diets. They recommend really chewing your food to let saliva do its job and ease digestion – bloat, be gone! They also said eggs are great for eating at breakfast to keep us satisfied and full. Also healthy fats are the way forward, avocados and coconut oil, I’m looking at you!

Next up Beth Reacher really honed in on the importance in taking 5 to yourself to bring more mindfulness and awareness to our lives and the present moment. She advocates switching off from technology and distractions to check in on ourselves which can help to avoid stress and encourage a positive outlook. Then singer Foxes took to the stage to tell us her top tips. She talked about how exercise and a healthy lifestyle are important to her whilst on tour to ensure she has the energy to perform. She also loves running because of the euphoric feeling it gives her. Perfect ambassador for the adidas Energy Boost trainers then!

I had fun at the launch and I have to admit, I hadn’t really paid adidas any attention prior to the event! I spent quite a while browsing the rails of clothes that were dotted around the store and I was pleasantly surprised and impressed – adidas have some really nice clothes! And don’t even get me started on the adidas by Stella McCartney collection – pure luxe. I will definitely be adding to my sportswear collection when payday hits…

adidas Energy Boost trainers | £120
*Photos from adidas

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