• Kerastraight Intense Boost Review
  • Kerastraight Intense Boost Review

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    A review of the Kerastraight Intense Boost smoothing deep conditioning treatment for all hair types. By Simply Cantara - a healthy lifestyle blog

    Back in October, I was a hair model for Kerastraight on stage at Salon International for the second time. The first time, I was nervous. I’d never been a hair model before and I’d not heard of Kerastraight before, but I’d been looking for something to tame my frizz, cut the time it takes to dry and straighten my hair and improve the condition of my hair. I figured if Kerastraight were confident enough to do my hair on stage in front of thousands of people then it can’t really go wrong. It turns out it went amazingly well! I loved the experience on stage and I absolutely loved my results, as did the crowd. You can read about my full experience with the Kerastraight KS Ultimate treatment here.

    This year I was thrilled to be invited back by the Kerastraight team and I opted to have the Intense Boost treatment. I was tempted to have the KS Ultimate again but I’ve had it done twice; I loved the results so much I paid to have it done a second time in May. They say the benefits of the KS Ultimate lasts 6 weeks up to four months and I was still seeing the benefits (less frizz, drying & straightening time cut in half, slightly looser curl, easier to manage etc) five months later. I think it’s because of the years of relaxing my hair has been through. If you have virgin hair, or hair that hasn’t been through hell and back after multiple years of relaxing then you’ll probably have to have more regular treatments of the KS Ultimate than me. I felt I didn’t really need another KS Ultimate just yet so I opted to try the Intense Boost treatment instead.

    What is the Kerastraight Intense Boost?

    The Intense Boost treatment is a smoothing treatment that deeply conditions and rehydrates the hair. You can choose between a Protein Boost or a Moisture Boost, it was decided my hair would benefit most from the Moisture Boost treatment. This is what Kerastraight have to say about the Intense Boost:

    This super speedy smoothing treatment repairs, renews and rehydrates hair from the inside out in just 30 minutes with results lasting for up to 30 days. Fine, weak or damaged hair? Protein Boost creates gorgeous locks, leaving them healthier, stronger and softer. For dry hair, Moisture Boost delivers incredible hydration, sensational shine and repair and unlike many moisture treatments, does not weigh the hair down.

    A review of the Kerastraight Intense Boost smoothing deep conditioning treatment for all hair types. By Simply Cantara - a healthy lifestyle blog

    My Experience With The Kerastraight Intense Boost

    My appointment wasn’t until the afternoon so in the morning I washed my hair. I decided to brush it out to help with detangling but it meant that I arrived with brushed out, frizzy hair rather than curly hair. I arrived at the stand at the Salon International and was taken to have my hair washed. Back on stage my wet hair was spritzed with the Moisture Mist and detangled. Then the Moisture Boost treatment was applied and left to sink in.

    My hairdresser, Schola decided to upgrade my treatment from an Intense Boost to an Ultimate Boost. This meant running the straighteners through my hair whilst the moisture mask was in my hair to really help it penetrate the hair shaft and get to work. The mask was then washed out and my hair was blowdried and straightened to style. The Kerastraight Ultimate Oil (which I love!) was applied to finish. The result was beautifully straight, soft, silky, shiny hair!

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    Six Weeks On

    Now, six weeks after having the treatment, my hair is still a lot easier to straighten, frizz is minimised and my hair actually curls a lot better than it had done in recent weeks before having the treatment. I’d been washing my hair a lot more with the different exercise classes I’d been going to, but wasn’t conditioning and moisturising it as much as I should have been so my curls suffered. The Moisture Boost breathed life back into my curls, making my wash and gos a lot more attractive.

    I’m so glad I’ve found Kerastraight, or rather, Kerastraight found me! I really do love their treatments and I mean it when I say I’ll be a customer for life. My hair has grown a lot in 2015 and I was the girl with hair that wouldn’t go past her shoulders for 3 years because the ends would just break off. My hair is a lot stronger and has managed to grow to bra length with little effort from me and no hair routine. I credit some of that growth to Kerastraight as I believe the KS Ultimate strengthened my hair. I’m planning on getting the KS Ultimate again in the Summer and I love that now I know I can get the Intense Boost to boost my results until then.

    Have you ever had anything like Kerastraight before? What is your hair type? Do you know any good hairdressers in London that do Kerastraight? Let me know in the comments below.

    I was gifted the Kerastraight Intense Boost treatment in exchange for being a hair model and my honest review. Hair is important to me and I would never recommend something that I had a bad experience with. Please, please choose a good hairdresser before having any sort of treatment done. If someone’s prices are a bargain, there is probably a reason for that.

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