Healthy Foods Grocery List and FREE Printable

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The Healthy Foods Grocery ListLast week I took you through How To Meal Plan for Beginners and gave you a free meal and workout planner and I got the nicest feedback from you guys. This week, I’ve created the ultimate healthy foods list that you can use to fill out your meal planner. Not sure if a food is healthy and something you should add to your diet? Just check to see if it’s on this list and if it is then you’re good to go! Lacking meal inspiration? Have a look at this list and choose a few ingredients to create healthy and interesting meals.

I’ve also created this healthy foods list as a fun free printable (can printables or lists be fun? I’m going with it) that you can print out and take to the store with you when buying your food for the week.Get the free printable, print it, live it, breathe it and let’s all nourish our bodies with healthy foods together.

There you have it, a comprehensive list of healthy foods. I’m not saying this is list has every healthy food in the world, there are probably foods I’ve not even tried or heard of that should be on this list. Also, if you follow a specific way of eating such as the Paleo diet or Sugar Free etc, then there will be foods on this list that you cannot eat. Please use your own discretion.

This list is for everyone starting out with eating healthily and are not sure of certain foods. I really hope you find this list useful. Get it as a printable here and let me know if you use this list.

What healthy foods are always on your shopping list? What healthy foods have you not tried before and are keen to try? Are there any foods that are not on this list that should be? Let me know in the comments below.

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