Discovering new, or old foods!

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I don’t know about you, but there are quite a few foods that I have either never tried, or just haven’t had for quite a long time. Since starting to eat clean again, I have enjoyed introducing, or re-introducing foods in to my diet. It’s fun to discover new foods and tastes, as well as fall in love with a food you had long forgotten.

Blueberries are a prime example of a food that I have had before, but for whatever reason, I hadn’t eaten them for a long time. Such a long time in fact, that I had completely forgotten whether or not I like them. I adore blueberry muffins, but couldn’t tell you what a fresh blueberry tasted like! After seeing quite a few clean recipes using blueberries, I decided to see if I do indeed like the little blue fruit. The answer is yes, I do! I ate them on their own, in my porridge and also with greek yogurt, flaked almonds, raisins and manuka honey as a lovely dessert.

Chia seeds and flaxseeds are also foods that I read a lot about and saw featured heavily in clean recipes. I bought them to try with my morning porridge and love the texture they give. I don’t feel like they have much of a taste when mixed with other foods, so they’re a nice addition to my breakfast. The health benefits these foods are substantial (a post on this to come!) and I’m so glad I’ve added them to my diet.

Are there any foods that were new to you? Or foods that you’ve rediscovered? What foods are you wanting to try?

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