• Class Review: Psycle
  • Class Review: Psycle

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    I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love a spin class. I first feared them after hearing horror stories of people who couldn’t make it through the class so I stuck to body pump and legs, bums and tums classes, classic. I’ve been to a few different spin studios around London as well as many indoor cycling classes at my old gym, each one with their own twist. I’d heard a lot about Psycle and put it down on my ‘Must-Try’ list, luckily the chance to check it out for myself finally came last week.

    Psycle London Spin Studio | A review of the full body workout on a spin bike

    The Studio

    I’d booked into Lemon’s 7:30pm class on a Friday night. It was cold and wet outside, I was tired from a long day at work and I started to question whether I had done the right thing in signing up. As soon as I arrived outside the studio, all doubt disappeared. Psycle isn’t a typical gym or spin studio and this is clear from the outside. It is slick, sexy and dare I say it, cool. I was greeted warmly by Tara who explained I was a bit early so I could head to the changing rooms and come back when I was ready to collect my shoes. I looked around, not having a clue where the changing rooms were so Tara gave me a full tour. I chucked my stuff in the lockers which use an easy key code system to open and lock, so don’t worry about forgetting a padlock, then went off to collect my spin shoes, or cleats as they’re called.

    Downstairs there are two spin studios, which allows Psycle to put on classes every half an hour at peak times. One of the studios emptied and everyone came out high-fiving each other, smiling and drenched in sweat. As we went in we were told to pick up dumbbells and make our way to our bikes. Members of the Psycle team made their way round the room to help any newbies set up our bikes and get our cleats clipped in, I was glad to see there were several of us who were new to Psycle.

    Psycle London Spin Studio | A review of the full body workout on a spin bike

    The Class

    The class itself was amazing! Lemon, the instructor, was like a dancing, spinning rocket, letting us zone out to the music when it was time to push ourselves and motivating us when we needed it. The playlist was perfect. With the dim lighting and loud music I felt like I was in a club. I mean seriously, I was ready to start fist-pumping and yelling ‘Yeah!’ except the arm workout we did halfway through had killed my arms. At the end of the class we each high-fived Lemon and the other instructors on the way out who told us we were great. I was on such a mental high.

    The locker rooms have everything you’d need. Fluffy towels, a bag to put your sweaty clothes (trust me, your clothes will be sweaty), GHD hair straighteners and blow-driers, deodorant, even tampons. The products in the showers are organic and smell wonderful and there is a separate face wash and body wash. Psycle literally has everything to turn you into a hot, sweaty mess then get you looking like a beauty queen in no time.

    The Verdict

    Psycle has the pumping playlist of BOOM Cycle and the weights workout of Edge Cycle, minus the weird open showers. The instructors make you feel like you’re all a family and tell that you rocked that workout, even if you’re dying inside. I loved it, I loved Lemon, I loved the playlist and I know I will most definitely go back to Psycle. Even better, there is a new studio opening later this month at Canary Wharf which is near where I live!

    Have you been to Psycle before? What is your favourite type of spin class? Let me know in the comments below, I always reply.

    *Thank you to Psycle for gifting me a free class in exchange for my review. My reviews and opinions are always honest and not swayed by freebies or payment, that is my promise to you.


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