A Superfoods and Healthy Eating Cooking Class

L'atelier Des Chefs Superfoods cooking classDetox Salad prepared at L'atelier Des Chefs Superfoods cooking classDetox Water prepared at L'atelier Des Chefs Superfoods cooking classQuinoa Chocolate Cake prepared at L'atelier Des Chefs Superfoods cooking classI’d never been to a cooking class before, but I always thought it would be a fun thing to do (and educational, of course) so I put it on my bucket list. I’m pleased to say last weekend I got to tick off my bucket list thanks to L’atelier Des Chefs and their Fundamentals of Superfoods and Healthy Eating cooking class. Billed as ‘the UK’s most popular cookery school’ I knew I would be in good hands, so I woke up early on a Saturday morning and joined L’atelier des Chefs in the kitchen near Oxford Circus.

The purpose of the cooking class was to teach us all about the health benefits and cooking methods for superfoods and healthy eating. For example, did you know you should let garlic sit for ten minutes after peeling and chopping before you cook it? This gives the healthful compounds a chance to form. Garlic is powerful against colds and flu, ageing, heart disease and cancer. It is also a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It was fun facts like these that were dished out in abundance during the class. The chef had us doing all of the chopping, slicing, grating, cooking, blending and mixing so it was very hands-on which I loved. We learnt how to slice cabbage so that it doesn’t cause gas and bloating, that sprouted broccoli contains forty times the nutrients of a regular broccoli floret and the benefits of different herbs and spices. That is just a snippet of what we learned! I found the class fascinating.

We made several dishes (and drinks) during the class and then we got to eat and drink them all at the end, which was lovely. In the class we made:

  • Super Detox Salad (using savoy cabbage leaves instead of kale as it is very similar but cheaper!) with a lemon and cider vinegar dressing
  • Beetroot Achar (a fermented dish that promotes a healthy gut)
  • Clean Smoothie
  • A Spicy, Gluten Free Chocolate Cake using quinoa
  • Detox Water

Photos from top to bottom: Ingredients for the Clean Smoothie / Detox Salad / Detox Water / Quinoa Chocolate Cake

I enjoyed the taste of everything we made, even the Beetroot Achar despite the fact that I don’t like beetroot. My favourite dish was of course, the Spicy Quinoa Chocolate cake. It was lovely and moist and we made a chocolate ganache to drizzle on top – heaven. The cake was a naughty treat as it still used butter and sugar, but by using quinoa instead of flour we made the cake gluten free and with a protein boost too.

There were nine of us in the class, plus the chef so it was a good number for us all to get involved in the preparation and cooking. I’d say the class was great for all levels, whether you slice through a pepper with the speed and prowess of Jamie Oliver or take days like I do. This class isn’t much about learning new cooking techniques, it is more about the ingredients and how to get more healthy foods into our meals. I consider myself to be quite in-the-know when it comes to healthy foods but I learnt quite a bit and loved it. One couple in my class were from Chile and had booked onto the class as a more interactive way of learning English – what a great idea! Another couple had come along as the boyfriend had booked the class as a birthday present for his girlfriend. A lady had been to a few L’atelier Des Chefs cooking classes and spoke highly of them.

I had a great time in the cooking class, the chef was great, making sure we all got involved and had plenty of time to ask questions, the staff made sure we didn’t go thirsty by offering us water and wine throughout the class. L’atelier des Chefs put on several different cooking classes and The Fundamentals of Superfoods and Healthy Eating is a new addition. I highly recommend the classes! After the cooking class the recipes and facts about superfoods and healthy eating is emailed to you. I’ll definitely be recreating the spicy chocolate quinoa cake again soon.

Have you been to a cooking class before? I’d love to know of others I should try. What would you love to know about superfoods and healthy foods? On another note, what’s on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.

L’atelier des Chefs allowed me to attend the cooking class for free so that I could give my review. My opinions are always honest, that is my promise to you.


  1. Jan Kowalski
    September 15, 2015 / 10:26 pm

    I had never been to a cooking class but it looks very funny and intresting. Few years ago I didn’t like to cook but now I love it. Really! It is a pleasant way to spend time for me. Moreover you have influence on your diet, because you can prepare only healthy food very quickly. I must to try this spicy cake. Nice article, keep it up, I can’t wait for next posts.

    • September 21, 2015 / 9:39 pm

      Cooking is such a great way to spend time and absolutely, you have control on what goes into your food when you cook from scratch. I’m so glad you love cooking now. Thank you so much for reading! x

  2. therunnerbeans
    September 16, 2015 / 10:01 am

    Looks like so much fun, I was so disappointed not to be able to come! x

    • September 21, 2015 / 9:39 pm

      Oh no! It would’ve been great to see you there! x

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