• My 60 Day Challenge – Body Transformation
  • My 60 Day Challenge – Body Transformation

    I personally love the feeling I get when a new year begins. There are some who are against New Year’s Resolutions and the January surge of motivation, but I’m all for it. January feels like a new chapter, a fresh start. Whilst I don’t believe in the saying, ‘New Year, New Me’, I do believe in ‘New Year, New Chance’. It’s a new chance to work on yourself, to better yourself, to commit to yourself.

    I thought hard about how I wanted to better myself this year and I wrote down my goals in my Bullet Journal for 2019. One of my goals is to lose 15% of my bodyweight because how much I weigh really affects my PCOS symptoms, plus I don’t really feel like myself at this weight currently. We’ve got our honeymoon coming up in May (I’m so excited!), but I’m honestly not doing this to be ‘bikini body ready’ or anything like that. After finding out I have PCOS, I really want to take back control of my health so that one day we can start a family. So, to kickstart my journey to achieving this goal, I’ve decided to do a 60 Day Challenge from January 2nd to March 2nd, which I’m calling #Simply60Days.

    My 60 Day Challenge. I'll be tracking my macros and regularly working out to transform my body, my fitness and my health in 60 days. Follow along with my journey to see how I do | Simply Cantara - a UK Healthy Lifestyle Blog

    Why am I doing a 60 Day Challenge?

    In the past I’ve tried things like cutting out all sugars for 30 days, the Whole30, Eating Clean and other similar challenges. I’ve always completed these as they were short-term goals, but after the 30 days I fell back to my old habits as I found them too strict and not sustainable. I know I can stick to something for 30 days, but I struggle with beyond that, hence why this a 60 day challenge. Plus, the previous challenges were focused solely on changing my eating habits, whereas this time I have a weight goal to achieve, so I felt 60 days was a better time frame to see a noticeable difference in my weight.

    I don’t by any means expect to lose 15% of my weight in 60 days, far from it, but I’m hoping that being committed and focused for 60 days will build in good habits to carry me through long-term to reach my goal by July 1st. So although I’m calling this a 60 Day Challenge, I don’t plan on stopping after 60 days. I just find it easier mentally to only think about the next 60 days. I’ve always fared better with shorter deadlines. Give me a project with a 6-month deadline and I’ll procrastinate until the last possible moment and do all my best work right at the end. That’s why, to me, losing 15% of my weight in 6 months seems like a faraway goal that doesn’t require much effort right now, which isn’t the case. But ask me to commit to something for 30 or 60 Days and I’ll commit from day 1. Are you like that too, or do you know someone who is?

    What is this 60 Day Challenge?

    OK so, what will I actually be doing for this 60 Day Challenge? Food-wise, I’ve previously always relied on some form of elimination diet, but I’d always go back to eating the ‘banned’ foods once the challenge ended. So this time I didn’t want to cut anything out, but I personally can’t rely on just eating intuitively as I don’t have those healthy eating habits just yet. Left to my own devices, I will just want to eat pizza, pasta and garlic bread all day long.

    So, I’m doing If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM), which means I’ll be logging everything I eat into MyFitnessPal to make sure I’m eating a certain quantity of protein, carbs, fats and calories. I used the free online IIFYM PCOS Calculator to work out my macros, but you can use the regular IIFYM Calculator if you don’t have PCOS like me.

    I’ve tracked my macros in the past and as I’m a numbers person, I loved it. However, if I ate something that wasn’t in my macros for whatever reason, I wouldn’t log it and would feel disheartened that I’d ‘failed’ that day, eventually stopping completely. So my challenge for these 60 Days is to log everything that I eat, absolutely everything! If I have a day where I don’t hit my macros and go over on everything, I can see if I can make it up with my weekly averages and if I can’t, I’ll just let that day go and carry on the next day afresh. It’s the same with any ‘diet’, a way of eating or habit change, we’re not going to be perfect every single day and that’s OK, as long as you try the majority of the time. That’s something I need to work on as I always strive for perfection when really I need to strive for progress.

    My 60 Day Challenge is also focusing on exercise too. I’ve recently joined a new gym where we do bootcamp style HIIT classes, boxing and strength training and I’m loving it. I was previously at a regular gym where I would turn up and do my own workouts using the weights and equipment there, but I got to a point where I struggled to motivate myself and I eventually stopped going. At this new gym, it’s all class based so we just turn up and do whatever the instructor tells us. Plus I see the same faces all the time so as we’re getting to know each other, there’s an expectation for me to be there and keep going. Before, if I didn’t go to my old gym, no one knew except me. But here, I feel like I’m being held accountable and it’s what I need right now. My goal is to workout 4x a week, mixing it up between the bootcamp class, boxing and strength training. Once I get into a good routine of going 4x a week and my fitness improves, I’ll increase it to 5-6x a week.

    My 60 Day Challenge. I'll be tracking my macros and regularly working out to transform my body, my fitness and my health in 60 days. Follow along with my journey to see how I do | Simply Cantara - a UK Healthy Lifestyle Blog

    Tracking My Progress

    On the morning of New Year’s Eve, I went and had an InBody scan to get a detailed view of my body currently. I found out that I actually have more muscle mass than I need for my height, which is great! So my goal is to lose only body fat ideally and maintain my muscle mass. This is another reason why I’ve chosen to track my macros instead of just counting calories because I really don’t want to lose any muscle mass, so I want to make sure I’m eating enough protein and that my caloric deficit isn’t too high. After this 60 Day Challenge, I’ll go back and have another InBody scan to see what progress I’ve made in my body composition. I’ll also be tracking my weight and measurements every month in my Bullet Journal to see if my macros are working for me, or if they need adjusting.

    I plan on sharing this journey with you on this blog, but mostly on my Insta Stories, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram to see clips of my meals and more. My intentions of sharing my journey are to 1) keep me accountable – I can’t quit now! – and 2) to hopefully motivate someone to take steps to improve their health too. 60 days really isn’t that long, just think how great we’ll feel at the end of it, knowing we’ve done something good for ourselves to get us closer to our goal! Your goal doesn’t have to be to lose a certain amount of weight or body fat like me, it could be to run a 10k for the first time, or to do 10 unbroken strict pull-ups, or to hit a PB on your deadlifts, or start that project you’ve been meaning to do.

    What would you love to achieve in 60 days? Whatever it is, why don’t you set a plan and stick to it for 60 days? I’d love for you to join me on this journey and keep me updated with your goals on Instagram with #Simply60Days

    My 60 Day Challenge. I'll be tracking my macros and regularly working out to transform my body, my fitness and my health in 60 days. Follow along with my journey to see how I do | Simply Cantara - a UK Healthy Lifestyle Blog

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