• 10 Habits of Healthy People
  • 10 Habits of Healthy People

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    I love before and after pictures. I love reading the stories of people who have transformed their health. I find them so inspirational and motivational. My Instagram feed is full of healthy people. Some people have always been healthy and others have overhauled their lifestyles to become healthy, but there are certain habits they have in common. So, to inspire us all, today I’m sharing the habits of healthy people.

    The 10 Habits of Healthy People that can inspire us all to live healthier lives and create healthy habits that we can stick to | Simply Cantara, a UK Healthy Lifestyle blog

    1. They exercise in a way that they enjoy

    Regular, consistent exercise is important, so they choose a workout that they enjoy doing often. Hate being stuck indoors? Start running, join an outdoors bootcamp or take up personal training sessions in a local park. Don’t force yourself to do a workout you hate, because you won’t stick to it.

    2. They pay attention to what they’re putting in their bodies.

    They read nutrition labels, they cook meals from scratch, they ask questions at restaurants. They avoid nasty ingredients and hidden calories where possible.

    3. They drink a lot of water

    They drink the recommended water intake of 8 cups, if not more. Water has a whole host of benefits and is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Drink it warm with fresh lemon slices, cold with ice and infused with fruit.

    4. They make health a priority

    They schedule their workouts in their diaries, they prioritise buying healthy food over buying new clothes. They’ll get out of bed early in the morning to workout before work if they can’t make it in the evening.

    5. They don’t deprive themselves

    Balance is important to them and so they allow themselves everything in moderation. They’re not following a faddy diet, this is a lifestyle. Some believe in a 70/30 split, some 80/20 and others 90/10. Find the split that works for you.

    6. They surround themselves with other healthy people

    #Fitfam is real. They connect with other healthy-minded people on Social Media to swap tips and keep themselves accountable. They build a network of healthy friends in real life. #SquadGoals.

    7. They eat enough food to nourish their bodies

    There is no under-eating or starving themselves, nor is there over-eating. They know how much their bodies need for fuel and they make sure they eat enough calories and enough nutrients.

    8. They set goals

    They are ambitious and want the best for themselves. They challenge themselves to try a new recipe, increase their pull-up reps, go deeper in a yoga pose… They keep striving for improvement.

    9. They listen to their bodies

    They take a rest day when they need it, even if they had a workout scheduled that day. They up their vegetable intake if they need a nutrient boost. They give their body what it needs.

    10. They stick at it, even when it gets tough

    Some days, they want to hit snooze on their morning workout alarm, they want to eat pizza and a family-sized bar of chocolate instead of the healthy meal they’ve prepared. But, they push through and focus on the bigger picture.

    I’ve already been inspired by some of these habits of healthy people and incorporated them into my life, but after writing this post I’m inspired to do more. Normal people, like you and me, have transformed their lifestyles and created healthy habits, there’s no reason why we can’t too.

    Which of these habits of healthy people do you already do or want to start doing in your life? Let me know in the comments below and let me know of any more healthy habits.

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    The 10 Habits of Healthy People that can inspire us all to live healthier lives and create healthy habits that we can stick to | Simply Cantara, a UK Healthy Lifestyle blog

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